September 11: World Unity Day
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Dear Ambassador John D. Negroponte,

For thousands of years, we have been fighting and killing each other for "this is the only way." For thousands of years, we have been hiding behind great words and preaching for peace. For thousands of years, in our temples, churches and mosques, we have been praying for peace.

For thousand of years, we have been searching the earth and heaven to discover the truth. The picture of our own understanding of timeless truth is changing. However, we have refused again and again to accept that God created us to work together, learn from each other and accept and appreciate each one who sees different aspects of the same truth.

Whenever and wherever one human being is innocently killed, we hear humanity cry and we feel humanity's pain. On 9/11/01 humanity saw its worst enemy and cannot bear the pain. Now we have a choice, either go back to our past endless cycle of resentment, hate and revenge journey, or start, a new era of oneness of humanity, a new cycle of universal justice, love and forgiveness journey. Therefore, We felt compelled to sign this petition and write to you to seize this historical moment as a turning point as an opportunity not to respond in kind but to heal the blight on oneness of humanity and take steps toward a vision embracing world unity.

To start the journey, we would like your support in realization of our only dream for promoting World Unity Day. We envision 9/11 be a yearly World Unity Celebration Holiday. The United Nations, through your recommendation, could sponsor such a holiday. Just imagine the impact such a day could have, a day in which all people of the world together not only remember heroes of humanity, who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, but also celebrate a new beginning. A day to appreciate our differences, beliefs, races, genders, cultures, interdependencies and taking steps toward a vision of world unity. This Unity day could contribute whatever proceeds were raised to eliminate hunger, assure scientific self-sufficiency and promote peace in the world.

In Oneness,
The Undersigned