September 7th - 11th, 2003 "World Unity Conference"

Dear People of Goodwill Everywhere,

The Light of Unity Foundation is planning a yearly World Unity Conference!
Light of Unity Foundation intends to make the World Unity Conference a
common project among all the goodwill universities worldwide to raise
consciousness of the world's citizens and especially the students about
our personal, family, race, religion and international unity!

The state of our personal, family, community, city, country and the world
well-being depends on many factors governing the state of our inner and
outer unity. Our inner and outer personal, local and global conflicts or
harmonies are contagious! One of essential first step in kindling the Light
of Unity in our heart and in the heart of our local and global community is
raising consciousness through unity education and celebration.

With your support, Light of Unity Foundation intends to accomplish this by
gathering the millions of rays of hope around the world in a World Unity
Conference! The yearly World Unity Conference starts on September 7th and
ends on September 11th. The main focus of the World Unity Conference,
during the day, will be on education about our personal, family, religious,
race and international unity, and during the night, will be on celebration
of our gifted uniqueness and common humanity! On September 11 "World Unity
Day", the last day of the World Unity Conference, all of the world 's
heroes will be

The Light of Unity Foundation hopes to raise consciousness and unify all
the voices and visions that will assemble to reflect on the tragedy of
September 11, 2001 under the banner of World Unity Day. So people of the
world especially American people, during the September 11th commemoration,
will also recognize and embrace the many individuals worldwide who have
innocently lost sons, daughters, mothers, fathers or loved ones in past
episodes of religious, ethnic and ideological conflicts and cleansings.

"Thousands of conflicts and tragedies have come and gone," says Dr.
Hooshmand M Kalayeh, founder of the Light of Unity Foundation and, and the author of World Unity Petition and
Proclamation. "These conflicts not only have caused a great loss of
innocent lives but also great loss for those who survive them. These great
losses have weakened our natural state of unity, and attenuated the
strength of our love for each other."

World Unity Day is a moment for all the people of the world to declare the
truth that we all share the same breath of life. It is only by
acknowledging the unity of all humanity that we can live with a common
reverence for all life and bring an end to the suffering and death of the
useless wars that plague our past.

The establishment of World Unity Day is being promoted worldwide with a
global petition at Several
months ago, Dr. Kalayeh, a research scientist at Kodak, issued this
petition to the United Nations.

The time has come for people of goodwill and specially the youth
everywhere, regardless of race, religion, gender and nationality to work
together, like fingers of one hand, to cure the blight on our unity. I
dream that one day all the people of the world will get together, once a
year on September 11, to remember heroes of our hearts and plant seeds of
unity in the heart of our community, city, country, and all of humanity.

The smoke of hate, fear and prejudice has blocked the light of our love and
compassion from shining through. This sad realization has impelled me to
dedicate my life to the cause of unity and peace. If we genuinely accept,
respect and appreciate our differences and have compassion for each other,
our potential will be limitless. For us the key to true progress and an
everlasting civilization is accepting God's gracious gift of diversity as
our greatest gift and strength.

As a scientist, I believe scientific and spiritual explorations are two
wings of unity in the world. The day we recognize our interdependency, and
accept and embrace the oneness of humanity, is the day of resurrection for

Whenever and wherever one human being is innocently killed, I hear God cry
and I feel humanity's pain. On 9/11 humanity saw its worst enemy and cannot
bear the pain. I believe the light of world unity is the only light capable
of completely killing the cancer of terrorism. Now we have a choice, either
go back to our past endless cycle of resentment, hate and revenge or start,
a new cycle of universal justice, love and forgiveness.

I envision proclamation of September 11 as a yearly World Unity Holiday by
the United Nations. Just imagine the impact such a day could have, a day in
which all people of the world together not only remember heroes of humanity
but also embrace a new beginning. A day to appreciate our differences,
beliefs, races, genders, cultures and inter dependencies and taking steps
toward a vision of world unity. This World Unity Day and World Unity
Conference could contribute whatever proceeds were raised to eliminate
hunger, assure scientific self-sufficiency and promote unity in the world.

Please be the Light of the World Unity! Please be humanity's champion!
Please let's raise a new generation of a more complete human! Please be one
of the main sponsors of the World Unity Conference!

I thank you for you support, guidance and cooperation!
I look forward to hearing from you.


Hooshmand Kalayeh