The Truth
by Hooshmand M Kalayeh

Once God was alone and universe was naught

Then God planted seeds of life by one black knot

Later human kind came as a result

To know God's universe, scientific symbols have come about

To know God, religious symbols have been drawn by ritual dots

We have fought because of what we have wrought

Now you see the disunity that symbolism has brought

We have been caught by what we have sought

The timeless truth has been pictured by time dependent thought

The truth is love, peace and oneness in a spiritually inspired heart.


A New Day
by Hooshmand Kalayeh

I see the dawn of the night

I see a glowing light

Its color is red, green, blue... and white

I see a flag; it say let's stop the fight

I see a banner; it says World Unity Day is a delight

I see a new day and army of the light.


The Oneness
by Hooshmand M Kalayeh

We are leaves of the tree of human race

We all enjoying God's awesome grace

Look at baby, a flower and space

Love, beauty and oneness is God's trace

God's guiding lights have the same magnetic base

God's blessing waves can be received by many ways at any place

But your state of being must be consistently be tuned at your pace

Let your love, peace and oneness be your embrace

Let your sprit be your flower, your thought be its water and your heart be its vase

Let your brothers and sisters' joy be smiles on your face


Hooshmand Kalayeh, The Seeds Of Unity

What a blessing
to be among friends and be the cause of unity.
What a blessing
to see humanity,
as organisms of one body,
What a blessing
to see the ones of truth as essence of your guiding lights.
O, God, we are gathered here to rededicate our hearts and thought for
The Cause of Unity.

O' God let different religions of the world be united under the banner of universal guiding light.
O' God let different nations of the world be united under the banner of citizens of one country.
O' God let different races of the world be united under the banner of oneness of humanity.
O' God let Muslim or Christian, the Seeds of Unity,
O' God let Iranian or American, the Seeds of Unity,
O' God let black or white, the Seeds of Unity,

O' God we are here to kindle the light love and compassion of
Dr. Luther King, Gandhi, Baha'u'llah, Mohammed, Jesus, Moses,
Buddha and all the great heroes of the humanity in our hearts and thoughts.
O' God let these seeds of unity that we planting in our heart and thought
grow and they become flowers of the garden of World Unity.