Bahai Faith
"The earth is but one country and mankind its citizen." These words of Bahaullah the Prophet-Founder of the Bahai Faith express the Faith's most fundamental principle: The essential unity of all the world's peoples, races, and regions. Nowhere is this principle more important than in United States of America. Indeed, at the beginning of this century, Bahai leader were referring to race relations as American's " most vital and challenging issue." Now as the century draws to a close, the Bahai community calls upon all peoples to come together and realize the vision set forth in the Bahai Writing: "All mankind are fruits of one tree, flowers of the same garden, waves of one sea."

The late Rabbi Abraham Joshua Herschel;
The Jewish Theological Seminary
"A person cannot be religious and indifferent to other human beings' plight and suffering. In fact, the tragedy of man is that so much of our history of indifference, dominated by a famous statement, 'Am I my brother's keeper?? The essence of a Jew is his involvement in plight of other people, as God is involved? the evil of prejudice is indivisible. It is a burning sin that we remain indifferent? The voice of injustice is stronger that bigotry."

NAACP; Wilmington Branch
Throughout our history, we have been struggling for equality for all races and ethnic groups. Although racism exits in other nations, it is more significant in the United States because racial and ethnic lines frequently parallel social-economic lines. As the primary organization for social change, we continue to see progress in the areas of education, for housing, equal justice, health care, and employment opportunities for minorities and women; however, the reality is that we are still faced with the vestiges of discrimination; today, discrimination is more subtle and insidious.

Pacem in Terris
Anthropologist abandoned the concept of 'race fifty years ago, so we all have some catching up to do. Anthropologist Ashley Montague, in his book, The Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy of Race writes: "The idea of 'race represents one of the most dangerous myth of our time, and one of the most tragic. Myths are most effective and dangerous when they remain unrecognized for what they are? Race is the witchcraft of our time, the means by which we exercise demons." In order to internalize the oneness of humanity, we need to understand that anything that separates us from our brothers and sisters in the human family that God has created ultimately separate us from God and diminishes that of God in ourselves. Being open to all of our brothers and sisters will not only hasten the arrival of justice and peace, but will also bring greater freedom, naturalness, creativity, and completeness into daily lives.

YMCA; Wilmington, DE
We are living in a period when the weapons of fear, mistrust, alienation and demonizing of persons different from us is at an all-time high. We need [an] organization as a gathering place for people from all locations, ethnic groups and religions. We all need a place with the possibility to share and recognize our humanity.

YWCA; Wilmington, DE
Unity is the essence of the universe; it is the path that all can take; it is the trust I know you can have in me; it is the faith that light of the path is already there; it is zero; it is one; it is infinity; it is the ultimate chance; it is the ultimate step; it is the ultimate win; it is you; it is me; it is humanity; it is the invitation to come together once; to be whoever I am in peace; to carry the peace our separate ways on the path that all can take; to be together apart; to come together again; humanity from the heart.