Light Of Unity is a nonprofit organization and believes there is one unifying spiritual force that people describe with names and rituals as numerous as the stars. But all this diversity means people often feel separated by religion, race or nationality rather than united. Light of Unity is dedicated to promote the cause of unity within and between people through sharing of the unique human family's ethnic, religious, cultural celebration days, house of worships and commonality of our vision, dreams, needs and interdependency.

Light of Unity intends to accomplish this through promoting dialog, association, acceptance, appreciation, understanding, positive role modeling and leading the way by examples. Light of Unity is dedicated to promote the cause of unity within and between people through the celebration of our uniqueness.

The Light of Unity is looking at diversity differently in that each and every person is unique. Our gene and our environments have shaped our uniqueness. Our gene and environments have shaped our gender, race, appearance, behavior, attitude, values, norms, beliefs, and... In the past our uniqueness has worked against us. The time has come for us to recognize that valuing our uniqueness leads to more creativity, productivity, cooperative and congenial community.

Light of Unity has a dream that one-day the peoples of the world as citizen of one country, Earth, as members of one race, Human Race, can celebrate together. Each one of us alone may not be able to make our dreams come true but if we work together we may be able to make one of our common dream a reality and in the process make our lives meaningful. Therefore, Light of Unity is taking the first step toward promoting and planning the celebration of our uniqueness in every local community.

Light of Unity is inviting people of goodwill everywhere, regardless of race, religion, nationality,.., to work like fingers of one hand and plant the seeds of unity in this web-site. Let us see your uniqueness through the light of your vision, art, essay, poetry, music,?.